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the eastern sky; ♥

August 9, 2010

my respect has grown immensley for songwriters. let these videos speak for themselves….

p.s, i am having a bit of a huge adventureland night. (:, this will be explained shortly.:) 

and then you can buy it on itunes 🙂

and check their myspace here:

and twitter here:

okay. im off 🙂 ♥


carolyn & georgia’s escapades.

July 21, 2010


Carolyn Ansell and I have amazing plans…
All made up in the space of double period visual art with our new teacher who strikes an amazing resemblence to Dobby from Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets, except he stole Harry’s glasses.

When we reach legal eventing age and/or save our $$$. (this would be eighteen, because we are good law abiding citizens. hahah)

– easterfest 2011

-radiowave festival 2010

– attend byron bay bluesfest one year

-attend a drive in movie. purely for experience sake!

-attend at least one splendour in the grass.

-embark upon a schoolies road trip

-attend a Melbourne Fashion Week

-go the the HARRY POTTER THEME PARK! in Orlando, Florida

-shop until we drop. literally.

-attend Sydney Fashion Week.

July 2, 2010

“trust me my child,” he says, ‘trust me with full abandon than you ever have before. Trust me, as minutes succeeds minute, everyday of your life, for as long as you live. And if you become conscious of anything hindering our relationship, do not hurt me by turning away from me. Draw all the closer to me, come, run to me. Allow me to hide you, to protect you. Even from yourself. Tell me your deepest cares, your every trouble. Trust me to keep my hand upon you. I will never leave you. I will shape you, mold you & perfect you. Do not fear o child of my love, do not fear, I love you’


July 1, 2010

I am laying in this huge massive comfy bed in our hotel. Amazing view out the window (which I obviously can’t see atm but yeah) 🙂 and watching getaway. Why is this? I have no idea either. It seems to be the only thing on. Oh wait *changes channel* oh the Marty johns show, this will do. Haha.

Got the nicest/pretty/cool jumper today. Mum said it reminds her of Michael jackson (no offense meant) but I like it. 🙂

I am so keen for sleep. This bed is so comfy.

I have a new favourite dessert, American chocolate gelato. Yummmmmmmm.

I think I’ll end this here.
Guten Tag everyone 🙂

i want to finish last, last in the worlds eyes, no matter what i do, i will be first in your eyes.

June 29, 2010

i wish i were at smadd. i miss the crazy God-filled shannaigans that go down. i may just say that i am missing being at smadd everyday this week. but i am. and thats the truth 🙂

i am pretty bored. being grounded makes you EXTREMELY bored. especially when all there is at home is facebook, twitter, blogging and tv. i think i am going to get dad to take me to civic (actually, *lightbulb* i will DRIVE and dad can sit in the passenger seat !) cause its $1 day, and i may possibly just borrow out the entire 5th series of Gilmore Girls. i have this thing where im starting with season 7 and working my waay backwards. i am up to season 5 now. probably my favouritest show of all time 🙂

i got a letter from my cousin Emma who is currently working as a missionary with AIDS orphans in South Africa with Operation Mobilisation.  i love getting her letters. it makes me so happy. hand written letters are probably once of my favourite things. theyre so much more personal than typing, or facebook messaging. or emailing. because the person has taken time to write to you. i love the ‘dead arm’ feeling you get after writing lots too..

oh damn. i just realised i didnt get business text to read over the holidays from my teacher 😐 i am going to be in strife when school goes back! yeeeeesh.

well i am off to go and convince dad to take me 🙂
enjoy your afternoon.

G x

p.s the iphone software wasnt worth all my excitement…………. </3

iphone update…

June 28, 2010

its making me anxious. i am rather excited to see whats changed. but its taking ageeees.

i dont even know why im so excited! ah.

on a less exciting note, i have 6 more tweets till i hit 1000. ! yeow.

i also am missing smadd. a whole huge lot! i cant believe i couldnt go -_-

and i also hate that im missing crew trainer getaway. but they had to pull a car so i guess im okay.

ah. almost done.

but yeah. i am just rambling now, trying to pass time.

i think im going to stop eating maccas. @hannahempire inspired me to. even though ive tried this countless times. i think i am actually going to do it! yay!

almost done. backing up. ahh. yeesh its really NOT this exciting.

its emmas & matts wedding on saturday.,
i love weddings. the beauty of them, and the atmosphere. its so loveeeeey. and good. and ahh. i love weddings.

i think ive hit crazy stage. but seriously steve jobs! this is taking forever!!!!

i have Adia stuck in my head. its a good song, i think.

also, at work today, a heavily christian-lyriced Brooke Fraser song came on over our cd player thing,
i smiled and sang along. it made me sooo happy. cause it couldnt have refferred to anything but God.


i am going to stop talking now,
and go explore my newly improved phone. YAY!

goodnight lovelys.


♫ adia, im empty since you left me,.

June 28, 2010

– today i took the plunge.

and downloaded itunes 9.2
i decided to stop putting it off, and i am predicting that whilst in the middle of this blog, it will make me restart my computer. ha.

ive decided that i have really strange friends. but if they werent strange, i doubt that i’d have the hilarious relationships with these people, that i do.

i love how every single person is unique.
& i love how God has designed everybody in his image, and how no one person is the same!
i love smiles. i love watching different people smile, beacause a smile is a beautiful thing.

so turns out that itunes 9.2 appears to be…da dahh! exactly the same. 😦 although it could be technologically different, but i wouldnt notice.

its getting really cold, really quickly these days. im not liking it that much.

so i think i am going to finish this here, |
have a splendid evening.

G x